06 September 2005

Boodbye Blogspot, Hello Wordpress

Dear Reader,
You may have noticed that we've stopped blogging for a while.

I'm pleased to inform you that we have not stopped blogging, or met with any blog-stopping misadventures. In fact, we've been migrating to word press & our own url.

Which is a long winded way of saying, click here to go to the new, shiny shagadelica.

23 August 2005

e-Ah Long

Following yesterday's entry, a little bird (doffs cap to jeff ooi) has introduced us to this little gem of a website.

Yes, that is a camel in a desert. Very apt for a site named WaterArea

waterarea.com styles itself as "your business classified portal" with a nascent directory of services categorised under Government, Property, Restaurant & Credit Company. All the categories have only a token number of advertisers except Credit Company which you will not be surprised to know is euphemism for a loan shark.

Here waterarea lists 8 Ah Longs, sub-divided into their various locales in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. Each advertiser is provided with an online enquiry reply form where prospective customers fill in their name, tel no, e-mail, postal address & loan amount (only name & tel are compulsory fields, in contrast to some over eager marketers elsewhere).

There's even a listing for a Credit Consultant who specialises in assisting SMEs* to obtain "Loan on machinery project", presumably by directing these SMEs to the next Ah Long up the street.

As impressive as this effort is, this website seems to have not garnered any support from the government, IT bodies such as the MDC or any venture capitalists. This is a shame, as this is the sort of e-commerce/i-business/v-portal thing that this country needs to ensure that the rest of the country can make the great leap forward to join Selangor in being developed.

If anyone decides to obtains a loan from these Ah Longs, remember to mention shagadelica. Some of them pay commissions to introducers. Purchasing a comprehensive health insurance plan would probably be a good idea.

*Abbr. for: Small to medium sized business

22 August 2005

Ah Longs advertising on NST.com.my

While looking through the online version of NST, I found this advert in the highlights section of the front page.

Click Here for the img capture of the whole page.

Clicking on the banner takes us to Vault Credit Co, it informs us that this is the "online branding name" for Siang Wang Trading KL. A quick glance through Bank Negara's list of licensed banking institutions informs us that neither Siang Wang Trading or Vault Credit is listed as a licensed provider of credit in Malaysia.

To enquire about a loan, you can either contact them through e-mail to VaultCreditCompany@yahoo.com or calling "Mr. Alan" of Mr. Kenny" on their respective mobile phone numbers. Their interest charges are 12% for collateral secured loans 18% for unsecured loans. Its not mentioned whether these rates are per annum or otherwise. The main benefits of dealing with them are listed as No Collateral! No Guarantor! Easy Application! Fast Approvals! Low Interest Rates! & Full Confidentiality!

Is this an Ah Long* operation? If so, why is NST accepting advertisements for an illegal business on its website?

* trans. a loan shark

21 August 2005

Make Over iPod Replacement Model

In the last Shagadelica post "iPod Shuffle replacement model", I have highlighted the features, price and where to get an iPod Shuffle lookalike. In this post, I am gonna show you how to blow iPod Shuffle even more... no offence to Apple supporters, I got a Mac too. But doing this is fun! ;-)

To "enhance" the iPod Shuffle replacement unit, you gonna need:

1. Screw driver
2. Sharp pointy screw that can drill a 1.5mm hole
3. DLO Jam Jacket for iPod Shuffle (details)
4. A 2mm thick string (0.8 to 1.o meter long)

1. Drill two holes at the top corners of the USB cap.
2. Slide in the ends of the string through the holes and knot the ends
3. Pull the knots back into the cap to hide them.
4. Slip in the DLO Jam Jaket and walla! You got an really cool fake iPod Shuffle!

1. Screw driver and screw: Free (get them from your daddy's tool box)
2. 2mm thick string: Free (just join a workshop/conference that comes with a tag with string)
3. DLO Jam Jacket: this one is tricky. The real one costs USD29.95 (for 3 in a pack). The fake ones (yes there are!) cost around RM20 each at local computer shops, but you can get them for RM20 (for 2 in a pack) during PC Fair.

So I spend RM20 to got 1 fake DLO Jam Jacket for the player and a spare.

Total cost of ownership of this iPod Shuffle wannabe with a spare jacket is:
RM290 (512MB player unit) + RM20 (2 in a pack fake DLO Jam Jacket) = RM310

Note: the reason why we need the jacket is due to the cheapo USB cab is not really tight and secured. It does not click and lock like the real iPod Shuffle. The jacket helps to hold the cap and player together. well...

19 August 2005

Diaper sparks bomb alert

Strange but true, Reuters reported the following:

BERLIN (16/08/05) - An "electronic nappy" used to monitor wetness sparked a bomb alert in a German post office when it arrived in a parcel ticking suspiciously, police in the southwestern city of Heilbronn said Thursday.

"They suspected it was a bomb so they put the package into an empty room and called the police," said a police spokesman. "It was supposed to respond to wetness with bleeping sounds but this one ticked."

Two squad cars rushed to the scene and immediately contacted the sender. Police gave the all clear after they contacted the woman who told them the intercepted package contained only a malfunctioning diaper.

17 August 2005

Thailand has a cunning plan.....

Thailand has cooked up a brilliant plan to solve the problems of its southern provinces. The cunning plan doesn't involve giving them independence or autonomy, nor does address the grievances Southern Thais have with the central government. The cunning plan is... get them to watch more TV.
Thailand is dishing out free cable television in its restive Muslim south in the hope that sports coverage such as English Premiership soccer will calm tensions in a region plagued by violence. Interior Minister Kongsak Wantana told reporters on Tuesday an initial batch of 500 televisions would soon be installed at village tea shops so those who could not afford cable TV at home could all watch their favourite sports together.
Source: Reuters

All I can say is... utterly brilliant. Couch potatoes don't fight. To paraphrase Marx, Football will be opiate of the Southern Thai masses.

For those in Malaysia deprived of the EPL because of Astro's monopoly, the Thais have shown you the way to get free to air Premier League.

15 August 2005

In a developed state... (1)

In conjuction with the impending achievement of Selangor as a developed state sometime this month, we at shagadelica intend to run a feature called "In a developed state". The idea being that we celebrate this pioneering achievement by showcasing images of Selangor's development.

In a developed state....
...we use red plastic chairs to alert motorists of roadworks.
Location: Petaling Jaya, Section 5
Date: 13 August 2005

We would like to invite all three of our regular readers to submit your own photos on the same theme to help us celebrate this great achivement.
Send your photos to