30 June 2005

Cutest face of the year?

This photo was taken when I visited an Orang Asli village in Gombak last Sunday. With the help of Picasa2 (the free Google photo manager with many iPhoto features), it turned out to be quite well.

Petronas posts record profits

Malaysian oil firm Petronas said Thursday its net profits rose 50.3 percent in the year to March to a record 35.56 billion ringgit (9.35 billion dollars) due to spiralling oil prices. Please read on... and our petrol price is going up...

*Whatever you may think, this post has absolutely, totally utterly no connection to the previous post.

Impending fuel price increase

The Star article today Petrol prices may very well go up again has triggered speculation that the price of petrol &/or diesel will be raised again soon. The official reason given is that the recent increase in world petroleum prices (RM 228 per barrel on 20 June) is putting a strain on the Govt's budget as the fuel subsidy grows ever larger.

In 2004, fuel subsidies cost the govt about RM 10 billion in fuel subsidies & forgone taxes.

21 June 2005

Selangor is developed?

Khir Toyo, the Selangor MB says that the state is now " developed" taking its place alongside the first world economies such as the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Belgium, etc.
This is news to you? Says so right here, direct from the horses mouth.