31 July 2005

Economist Blames Aid for Africa Famine

According to Associated Press, most of the 11 million people in Niger, Africa live on a dollar a day. Forty percent of children are underfed, and one out of four dies before turning 5. And that's when things are normal. The aid workers charged with saving the dying but they leave it to the economists and politicians to come up with a lasting remedy.

Economist, James Shikwati, the Kenya-based director of the Inter Region Economic Network, an African think tank, lamented that when aid money keeps coming, all policy-makers do is strategize on how to get more.

"They forget about getting their own people working to solve these very basic problems. In Africa, we look to outsiders to solve our problems, making the victim not take responsibility to change," said Shikwati.

Hmm… well, we do not have famine but something does sound familiar if you follow our local politics?


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