08 July 2005

Go green evangelicals!

According to BBC, green evangelicals first hit the headlines in 2002, when Reverend Jim Ball launched a campaign called "What would Jesus drive?", claiming that gas-guzzlers are ungodly.

The 30-million-member National Association of Evangelicals in USA called on conservative Christians to "labour to protect God's creation". The "greening" of the evangelical movement has got to do with some biblical references to mankind's responsibility to care for God's Earth.

The repackaging of environmentalism under the banner of "creation care" makes it more acceptable to Republicans suspicious of the secular, liberal types who have dominated green politics in the past. NAE president Reverend Ted Haggard told BBC that new scientific evidence is raising concerns and, since we have so many evangelical Christians in government right now, we wanted to highlight that the environment is a worthy concern for evangelicals.

But not all Christian conservatives are happy about this new departure. Focus on the Family, which has been at the forefront of campaigns against abortion and gay marriage, says it cannot support "any issue that seems to put plants and animals above humans".

Christian or not... shall we all go green?


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