16 July 2005

Is Sharp's new LCD TV practical?

At last, a way to end squabbles over which TV channel to watch without buying a second set. According to AP, Sharp Corp. Has developed a liquid-crystal display that shows totally different images to people viewing the screen from the left and the right. One person can be surfing the Internet, using the display as a PC screen, while another watches a downloaded movie or TV broadcast. It also works for watching two TV channels: One person can watch baseball while another watches a soap opera.

QUESTION 1: What if you sit right in front of the TV screen, not right, not leftÂ… What would you see?

QUESTION 2: Would the TV provide non-interfering dedicated audio to the audience on the left and right side?


At 7/17/2005 1:53 am, Blogger Silencers said...

i bet the audio would sound funny


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