22 July 2005

Joke is on comedian after jailbreak stunt

Reuters: A Thai comedian was left laughing on the other side of his face when he was arrested for a mock jailbreak in which he and another actor dashed onto a Bangkok bus handcuffed and wearing prison uniforms.

Police arrested Santi Meesaengchan, 37, after intercepting the bus and fined him 1,000 baht ($24) for "causing panic in public places" while pretending to be a prisoner on the run in Wednesday's made-for-TV prank.

The bus, carrying a mixture of actors and ordinary passengers, was equipped with a hidden camera to capture the reaction of members of the public, newspapers reported.

The verdict from the country's leading tabloid, Thai Rath: "Not very funny."


At 7/22/2005 2:28 am, Blogger Wingz said...

LMAO!!! who has the last laugh now!!! LOL!!


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