12 July 2005

Two released from ISA

Malaysiakini's two servers were finally released after being detained without trial for 2 and half years. The servers in question were detained for their involvement in the publication of an allegedly sedition letter written by a person using the pseudonym 'Petrof' and for refusing to devulge the true identity of the letter writer. The servers were detained in Bukit Aman as the nation's top interogators tried to 'turn them over' to confess to their crimes. Neither were allowed access to their lawyers, despite numerous pleas from the IT loving public and a worldwide "Save the Servers" campaign by Amnesty International.

It is not known what led to their sudden release. Did the servers finally squel? Did they agree to abstain from all publication work? Did the Home Ministry decide to heed the Parliament's call to release all detaines held more than 2 years? Or did the police finally concede defeat? Malaysiakini's tech team will be conducting a full diagnostics to determine the state of the servers and will report their findings to Suhakam, who have agreed to consider extending their purview to servers detained without trial.


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