10 August 2005

Haze information, NO thanks to the Govt

Najib says that the Government has no plans to make the Air Pollution Index (API) public.
Well screw that, here are a couple of sites with current haze information.
1. Links to satellite imagery on hotspots, haze, etc. from the caring & sharing Singapore National Environment Agency.
2. Updated Visibility (km) For Meteorological Stations in Malaysia from Jabatan Kajicuaca.
As of 0900, visibility at the Klang Valley stations is down to 0.5 km in Subang, 1 km in Petaling Jaya & 1.5 km at KLIA.

Are these visibility statistics from Kajicuaca an indication that the present level of haze is bad for health?
Consult your doctor, or your taxi driver or God. Your elected Government is telling you fuck all.


At 8/10/2005 11:28 am, Blogger wyejon said...

Really I have no idea why the government wishes to keep us in the dark over the haze conditions. What have they to gain by not releasing the air quality index and what the hell are they going to do about the haze?

At 8/11/2005 4:44 pm, Blogger Egghead said...

Not as if we care what is the reading... we want to see action taken!!


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