21 August 2005

Make Over iPod Replacement Model

In the last Shagadelica post "iPod Shuffle replacement model", I have highlighted the features, price and where to get an iPod Shuffle lookalike. In this post, I am gonna show you how to blow iPod Shuffle even more... no offence to Apple supporters, I got a Mac too. But doing this is fun! ;-)

To "enhance" the iPod Shuffle replacement unit, you gonna need:

1. Screw driver
2. Sharp pointy screw that can drill a 1.5mm hole
3. DLO Jam Jacket for iPod Shuffle (details)
4. A 2mm thick string (0.8 to 1.o meter long)

1. Drill two holes at the top corners of the USB cap.
2. Slide in the ends of the string through the holes and knot the ends
3. Pull the knots back into the cap to hide them.
4. Slip in the DLO Jam Jaket and walla! You got an really cool fake iPod Shuffle!

1. Screw driver and screw: Free (get them from your daddy's tool box)
2. 2mm thick string: Free (just join a workshop/conference that comes with a tag with string)
3. DLO Jam Jacket: this one is tricky. The real one costs USD29.95 (for 3 in a pack). The fake ones (yes there are!) cost around RM20 each at local computer shops, but you can get them for RM20 (for 2 in a pack) during PC Fair.

So I spend RM20 to got 1 fake DLO Jam Jacket for the player and a spare.

Total cost of ownership of this iPod Shuffle wannabe with a spare jacket is:
RM290 (512MB player unit) + RM20 (2 in a pack fake DLO Jam Jacket) = RM310

Note: the reason why we need the jacket is due to the cheapo USB cab is not really tight and secured. It does not click and lock like the real iPod Shuffle. The jacket helps to hold the cap and player together. well...


At 8/22/2005 9:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this needs more pics of the transformation process


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