01 August 2005

Scam watch follow-up: Bogus Irishmen with MSC connections

Last week, I blogged about the Bogus Irish universities a.k.a. IIU & DMU. Since then the shit has really hit the fan (so to speak) & the perpetrators of IIU & another bogus education concern, Cambridgeshire University, have been exposed for the frauds that they are.

NST has really gone to town with the exposé publishing no less than 7 articles on the bogus Irish university since 18 July 2005. The story has been picked up internationally by the online version of Forbes magazine & The Times. The Star has steered well clear of the entire issue.

Again from the NST, the Minister of Higher Education has confirmed what everyone suspected, that IIU is bogus. As usual for the Malaysian approach to policy making,
The Higher Education Ministry... would review necessary laws to ensure such institutions did not operate in the country.

This includes amending laws to ensure institutions such as NetAcademy Sdn Bhd, "which are not bona fide educational institutions, from continuing to conduct educational programmes and award qualifications from dubious universities to the unsuspecting public".
This brings us to Net Academy S/B, an MSC status company who claim
By combining innovative technology with World-Class Universities,... Over 1000 online courses available, ranging from certificate, siploma, degree, MBA to to PhD programmes, in business & information technology as well as language courses.
The Multimedia Devt Corp (that's the Govt body that dishes out MSC status) has this on Net Academy:
Net Academy Research Sdn Bhd
Sector - Software Development - Engineering/Specialised Applications
Brief Activity: Research, design and development of an E-Learning Management software for the education industry
Year of approval: 2005
Contact: Dr. William Chong (CEO) Net Academy Research Sdn Bhd 25-1 USJ 9/5Q Subang Business Centre UEP Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
Tel : +603-8023 7058
Fax : +603 8023 9496
URL : www.netacademy.com.my

Meanwhile, over at technopreneurs.net.my, Net Academy is listed with the following information:
Technology Focus: Content Development
Products/service: electronic learning management system developer

Which raises the questions:
1. What is a education management/content software developer doing offering online education courses?
2. How does MDC approve applications for MSC status?
3. What sort of surveillance does MDC carry out on MSC status companies to ensure that they don't stray from their approved activities?

Hmm, MDC, MSC, funny business... sounds like something right up Jeff Ooi's alley doesn't it?


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