09 August 2005

Shag Flog: The laksa in Bangsar

Continuing with our series of Shagadelica Food Blogs, today we review the best Sarawak Laksa this side of the South China Sea. The stall operates out of Nam Chuan coffee shop in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Besides the signature laksa, this stall also serves Abacus (a yam-based chewy cold dish topped with bean sprouts, pork mince & lots of white pepper powder), pepper pork stomach soup, herbal chicken soup & kachama (a dark soupy herb & chicken concoction). As you can see from the photo, it has been reviewed by several newspapers including this review from The Sun.

Back to the laksa
The laksa has all the right elements for a good laksa:- ingredients (notice the large prawns), colour & presentation & it doesn't disappoint. The fist thing you notice about this laksa is the scent, it draws you irresistibly to the dish. Pause for a moment to savour it. Then as the first mouthful of laksa coated rice noodles is consumed, the unique spicy flavour of the broth explodes in your mouth.
Rating: 5/5. This is laksa the way it should be made. On some days when the broth is done just right, the prawns are fresh & the weather is not too hot, consuming this laksa is almost a religious experience.

The basics
Where: Kedai Makanan Nam Chuan, Jln Chenderai, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.
When: Morning to afternoon, open on most days & definitely on weekends
How much: Under RM4


At 8/08/2005 9:06 pm, Anonymous 8dee said...

looks nice and sound great! Need to try.

At 8/08/2005 11:53 pm, Blogger Tuna sings said...

Yummy. Been there many times. Lucky they don't have tuna... This Tuna says 10/10 as far as Sarawak is concerned as you can hardly find it in this part of the world.


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