12 August 2005

Tiger cubs for eating

Does this look like food to you?

Pic from The star

The Star reports that the Malaysian trade commissioner to Papua New Guinea Datuk Dr S.H. Foo has paid a Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur over RM10,000 to buy a (about) 3 month old tiger cub that was destined for the wok.

The weak & dehydrated cub had been caught by villagers in rompin who then did the natural thing of selling it to the restaurant for profit.

Foo said he contacted the Wildlife Department in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, on Tuesday to come get the tiger but was told to go to its office and fill up forms instead. He then sought help from a journalist who helped him to send the cub to the department.

The Star

Now its a fact that tigers aren't the most popular of animals with us simians or with most denizens of the forest, but really people, is there a need to eat them? It is noteworthy that the chief role of the Wildlife Dept in Cheras isn't to care for wildlife but to prcess forms. There seems to not be any plans for follow up action like procsecuting the restaurant & the villagers for trafficking in an endangered species or for the Dept to educate villagers on the correct course of action upon the discovery of such animals.


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