04 August 2005

The ultimate home entertainment IQ test

Do you know a DLP from a CRT? Can you explain the difference between component and composite cables? And what exactly is Blu-ray, anyway? Are you up to speed? Take PCWorld challenge and find out!

1. You want a TV set that's going to last until the kids go off to college. You should definitely buy an ____.


2. Complete the following statement: "Compact discs are dead. The next generation of recorded music will use ____."

(A) DVD Audio-DVD-A (B) Super Audio CD-SACD (C) Both

3. The back of your audio-video TV sports dozens of multicolored ports, each one requiring a different kind of cable. But for the very best-looking picture, you should always use this type of connection:

(A) Component (B) Composite (C) S-video (D) DVI (E) HDMI (F) Er, um, hmm

4. If you want a television set with the absolute best picture quality, you should buy a high-end _____.

(A) Plasma (B) LCD (C) Rear projection DLP (D) Front projection LCD (E) CRT

5. The most common setup for a surround-sound home theater is _____.

(A) 5.1 (B) 6.1 (C) 7.1 (D) 99.1 on your FM dial

6. Your home entertainment system may use several different wireless technologies. Can you identify them? Select as many as may apply.

(A) Infrared (B) WiFi (C) Bluetooth (D) UWB (E) AWB

7. Complete the following sentence: Betamax is to VHS as HD-DVD is to _____.

(A) Bluetooth (B) Blu-ray (C) Cathode ray (D) Stevie Ray

8. You're shopping for a digital music player. Which of the following acronyms is not something you want to look for?

(A) WMA (B) AAC (C) MP3 (D) DRM (E) RIAA

9. You want high-quality, static-free radio that you can listen to as you drive to work. You should definitely choose _____.

(A) Satellite radio (B) High-Definition radio (C) Radio Free Europe

10. The single most important factor in your next major home entertainment purchase is _____.

(A) The dimensions of the room
(B) The width of the screen
(C) The wattage rating of the amplifier
(D) The number on the price tag
(E) The depth of your spouse's disapproval

Answer: 1.A 2.C 3.F 4.E 5.A 6.A,B,C&D 7.B 8.E 9.A orB 10.E


At 8/05/2005 8:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Question 10, answer E. Ha ha.

But for No. 2, both DVD Audio and SACD have been out for years, and are still only limited to high-end users. Very few DVD players play SACD still. There are also almost no players for the car!

Bringing the best out of DVD A or SACD requires a high-end setup, otherwise you won't hear the difference. Similarly, in cars where the acoustics are not optimal, both are not quite useful.

The CD will still be around. If supplanted, it will by mp3 and Ogg Vorbis.


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